The London Bierfest - 19th & 20th October 2017 - Old Billingsgate Market

London Bierfest

18th – 19th October

Old Billingsgate Market

The Menu


Cold Platter

5-inch pretzels with a spicy mayo  – Traditional German pretzels poached and baked, served with homemade mayonnaise spiked with hot sauce

Smoked Bacon and Blue Cheese quiche – Beech smoked Suffolk bacon lardons paired with a classic stilton, creating a strong popular flavour 

Green Herb Chicken Skewers - ‘Sutton Hoo’ traditionally raised chicken, coated with fresh herbs and roasted to perfection

Pastrami Bagels – Hensons pastrami thinly sliced, accompanied with traditional German sweet mustard and piquant dill pickles

Scotch Egg - Hand rolled Suffolk pork sausage meat encasing Sussex organic eggs, rolled in breadcrumbs

Mature Cheddar Chunks - Classic Keens cheddar from Somerset, matured for 18 months


Hot Platter

Pork & Beef Sausage Roll – A homemade classic sausage roll made with succulent pork and beef, wrapped in all butter puff pastry

BBQ Pulled Pork Slider with BBQ Sauce – Smoked pork shoulder slowly cooked for 16 hours, served with a soft bun and homemade BBQ sauce 

Salmon, Lemon & Dill fishcakes with a parsley crumb – Lightly poached Scottish salmon fillet, bound with dill and lemon in parsley breadcrumbs

Rabbit & Chicken Shortcrust Pasties - 12 hour confit of rabbit and chicken legs, marinated in a chicken and tarragon sauce, wrapped in thin short crust pastry

Lamb Kebab with onion and peppers -  Minced and seasoned Winchester farmed shoulder of lamb, prepared with a delicate mix of traditional Kofta spices, sauté red onion and peppers